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Gay Twitter is turning the “Circle” rollout into a nudes holiday

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Twitter has finally rolled out it’s long-tested “Circle” feature to all users, and the gays have decided it’s pretty much for one thing only.Much like the “Close Friends Story” on Instagram or the “Private Story” on Snapchat, using the “Twitter Circle” feature makes your posts visible to only a hand-selected portion of your followers.

For many, that means besties, thirst followers, and those who are both.For folks who want to — as Lil Nas X sang on SNL — “post hole on main,” having a separate space to toss your lewds to all your desired mutuals without any prying eyes is unbeatable.Related: Dwight D.

Eisenhower’s diva sit has Gay Twitter™ in stitchesIt’s not public digitally nudity, but it’s right there on the line of semi-public.

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