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Get Serious: Transphobia and Autism Bullying Are No Joke | Opinion

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Netflix special, SuperNature. In a recent BBC News interview, his response to the backlash was, "These are just jokes. They don't mean anything.

They're just for you to laugh for an hour or so. So that's why I deal in taboo subjects."Gervais is not the only comedian to use comedy as a defense for disparaging marginalized groups, which includes those with disabilities, medical and mental illnesses and gender and sexuality issues.Dave Chapelle recently doubled down on his transphobic jokes.

Chris Rock famously joked about Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia at the Oscars. Describing these taunts as just jokes obfuscates the impact that these statements have on targeted groups.It is important to understand the real-world consequences of these "jokes."Several of my patients talk about suicide in direct response to these types of snide comments, jokes and the dismissal of their feelings.

One of my patients recently was in the emergency room recovering from a suicide attempt due to being overwhelmed by a negative and unaccepting environment despite their being set up with therapy and a support group.A study in 2020 showed that 82 percent of transgender individuals considered suicide at some time in their life and 40 percent have attempted suicide.

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