Ketanji Brown Jackson schooled GOP senator who ranted about gay marriage

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Obergefell v. Hodges, the historic LGBTQ rights victory that secured marriage rights in all 50 states, at Jackson’s confirmation hearing today.

Cornyn criticized the decision, arguing that it hurt religious freedom because many religious people oppose same-sex couples getting married and, therefore, have some kind of right to impose their religious beliefs on others.Related: GOP senator asks if Ketanji Brown Jackson has a “personal hidden agenda” in critical race theory“Do you see that when the Supreme Court makes a dramatic pronouncement about the invalidity of state marriage laws that it will inevitably set in conflict between those who ascribe to the Supreme Court’s edict and those who have a firmly held religious belief that marriage is between a man and a woman?” Cornyn asked.Jackson responded that she can’t comment on the matter because there are currently cases being decided that involve such issues.

She was probably referring to cases involving Christian business owners who argue that they shouldn’t be required to sell their goods and services to LGBTQ people because they are religiously opposed to same-sex marriage.Cornyn wouldn’t drop the subject.“I’m not asking you to decide a case!” he snapped back.

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