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Kit Conner's Coming Out Is None of Your Business

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(CNN) — The pressure for 18-year-old actor Kit Connor to come out had been building on social media for months.Connor, a star of Netflix's teen romcom, "Heartstopper," said Monday that he felt he was being forced out of the closet — a concerning new development at the intersection of cancel culture and identity policing.In the coming-of-age series with a refreshing, queer-forward plot, Connor plays a British high school rugby Nick Nelson, alongside classmate Charlie Spring, played by Joe Locke, who falls in love with him.

Over the course of the eight-episode series, adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by Alice Oseman, Nick starts to question his own sexuality amid his growing feelings for Charlie.The show was so well received when it launched this year that it's already been renewed for two more seasons.

It is one of the first to center LGBTQ characters — both Nick and Charlie, as well as others in the main cast — geared towards a teen and young adult audience.

Unlike shows like "Sex Education" and "Euphoria," which, while also wonderfully sexually and gender diverse, are more explicit.Calls for Connor to address his own orientation started this spring with taunting on Twitter, which he addressed in a tweet, saying, "twitter is so funny man.

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