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Ezra Williams talks viral ‘Heartstopper’ sync: “It’s nice to watch young queer kids relate to it”

Ezra Williams has discussed the use of their single ‘My Own Person’ in an episode of the smash-hit Netflix drama,Heartstopper.The 2020 track soundtracked a scene where Nick Nelson (played by Kit Connor) questioned his identity, scrolling through online quizzes offering to determine his sexuality.Thanks to its inclusion in the show, ‘My Own Person’ received a major streams uplift – currently standing at over 9 million plays on Spotify alone. You can find a guide to every single song played in the eight-part series here.Speaking to NME about the sync in a new interview, Williams said: “When I was writing that song, I was watching [Norwegian drama] Skam and there’s a scene where one of the main characters is looking up ‘Am I gay?’ quizzes on his laptop.

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