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Looking for a gay fiction fixation? Redditors recommend these juicy titles.

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“Is there such a thing as a novel with a great storyline and some juicy gay sex scenes?” a Reddit user asked on the r/AskGayMen forum this month.Apparently, there is such a thing—because commenters proposed dozens of suggestions, with titles from the last four decades of gay fiction.Some of these books will be familiar, if only because of their critically acclaimed film adaptations, but we’re guessing you’ll find unfamiliar entries begging to join your reading list.

Some are suitable for a beach read, while others are better enjoyed in the privacy of your bedroom.Here are the recommendations from that Reddit thread’s comments section:“There are so many good books out there.

I highly recommend Too Like the Lightning by Travis Beaudoin if you’re looking for something written by a gay man. There are also a surprising number of fantastic books written by women.

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