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Madonna’s most unlikely collab, Demi getting her freak on & more: Your weekly bop roundup

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“Never send to know for whom the song bops; it bops for thee.” – Ernest Hemingway, kindaHappy weekend, everyone! It’s been a wild week chock-full of crossovers and team-ups: Queerty and Loretta Devine, Kari Lake and Ron DeSantis, Andrew Garfield and collective gay thirst, etc.Art imitates life, of course, so you know we’ve got only the hottest of music collaborations out this week.From giving Madge your all to a country boy roll-call, here’s your weekly bop roundup:Demi has finally released her/their new record HOLY FVCK, and it opens with a slamming queer collab. “Parents” singer Yungblud is a total fit for Demi’s new, rockier sound.

If folks didn’t treat “pop punk” like a dirty word, it would feel fitting, but let’s call it garage-lite. This song has so far gone pretty overshadowed by another track on the album, “29”, which has Demi’s age-inappropriate ex in hot water.

Hopefully fans can at least enjoy this jam in the background while they’re dragging him on Twitter.We FINALLY have the full version of Finally Enough Love, with all fifty of her #1 dance hits.

This track isn’t exactly considered classic Madonna, but now that the original is officially a decade old, that might need to change.

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