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Ex-Disney star opens up about traumatizing experiences with conversion & electroshock therapy

So Random!, and also appeared on Shake It Up, Austin & Ally, and Jessie in the early 2010s—recently guested on former Disney star Christy Carlson Romano’s podcast, Vulnerable, where he opened up about his struggles with his sexuality and the intensive therapies he went through to “treat” it.Now 34, the actor first reflects on his “very, very conservative” upbringing in North Carolina, a time he says instilled in him these ideas of super rigid heteronormative standards for young men—and that “gay people are the most evil thing that could possibly exist.”“How I grew up is: you find what sport you’re good at, you get a scholarship for that,” he tells Romano on the podcast. “If that doesn’t work, you get a scholarship for grades, go to college, find a woman to get married [to] and then get a house.

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