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New Staff Join the NCLR Team in 2023!

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The NCLR team is growing in 2023! Help us welcome Lisa Oman and Rachel Berg.  Lisa Oman (she/her) – Director of Finance of Operations Lisa joins NCLR as our newly-hired Director of Finance and Operations as a member of the management team to help provide strategic financial leadership for the entire organization. Lisa chose to join the NCLR family after years of service for organizations ranging from arts and culture to higher education and land trust because of her desire to serve the LGBTQ+ community and join the fight for justice and equity.

Outside of work, Lisa has a passion for performing arts and music education, having founded Composers and Schools in Concert and currently serves as the organization’s President.

She lives in the California desert town of La Quinta, CA in the Coachella Valley with her wife and two cats – both of whom now join the NCLR pet family as well! Where do you currently reside? I live with my wife and our two cats in the beautiful California desert town of La Quinta, CA in the Coachella Valley.

The back entrance to Joshua Tree National Park is just twenty miles up the highway, and we visit often. (Though the cats generally opt-out.) What is your educational background? I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Gonzaga University with an emphasis in Cultural History, a professional certificate in Management from the University of Massachusetts, and a professional certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University. Where did you work before this?Most recently I served in the role of Executive Director of San Francisco Contemporary Music Players which is an internationally-recognized and award-winning chamber orchestra and performing arts organization.

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