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WATCH: Noah Schnapp is obsessed with his hunky tutor in this new thriller

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Stranger Things, it represents his first major leading role as an adult.In The Tutor, Schnapp plays Jackson, a privileged little rich boy whose powerful, mysterious father isn’t around much and whose mother is… well, don’t ask!Enter the titular tutor, Ethan (played by TRON: Legacy‘s Garrett Hedlund), who thinks he’s just landed a dream job, earning big bucks just to teach some at-home lessons to a trust-fund baby.But it’s not long before Jackson starts to give Ethan the creeps, big time.

First, the tutee takes a peculiar interest in Ethan’s private life, his relationship (Victoria Justice), and his child on the way.

Then, Jackson and his little sweater vests start showing up to date night—and that’s when sh*t starts hitting the fan.Jackson’s creepy obsession becomes something else entirely, when the little snot begins framing his mentor for some pretty heinous stuff, and Ethan finds himself fighting for his life.They turn a now-infamous TikTok trend on its head.Schnapp is very much giving Norman Bates with a little bit of that uppity Talented Mr.

Ripley flair in this splashy new role—in other words, Jackson definitely seems to be a little queer-coded, even if the movie doesn’t end up making it explicit.Of course, Schanpp came out as gay earlier this year—and just won the Closet Door Bustdown award at the 2023 Queerties—so we’re just thrilled to see him step into more adult roles, gay or otherwise, especially one as wild looking as this.The Tutor is headed to theaters on March 24, and you can watch its brand-new trailer below:.

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