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People Are Calling Michael Phelps Hypocritical After He Spoke Out Against Trans Athlete Lia Thomas

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told SwimSwam. “There was a lot of uncertainty, I didn’t know what I would be able to do, if I would be able to keep swimming.

And so, I decided to swim out the 2018–2019 year as a man, without coming out, and that caused a lot of distress to me. I was struggling — my mental health was not very good.

It was a lot of unease, basically just feeling trapped in my body. It didn’t align. I decided it was time to come out and start my transition.” In 2020, Lia was approved by the NCAA to swim on the women's team.Michael Phelps' body produces half the normal amount of lactic acid during exercise, which means that just for free, by accident of his birth, he feels significantly less fatigue than even somebody else with his other genetic advantages would.

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