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TikToker brags about $2K per month bottled water habit and everyone’s thinking the same thing

Reading now: 450— K Hole Ocasio-Cortez from Bushwick, PhD (@smartbitch_69) February 15, 2022Here’s what folks are saying:“I just hate the taste of tap water” he’s still drinking tap water it’s just tap water from Norway— Wild Geerters (@steinkobbe) February 16, 2022buy a damn brita— (@Skarlet_Starlet) February 17, 2022*guy who regularly has dozens of gallons of individual serving water bottles hand-delivered to his house voice*I’m trying to be more eco-friendly— Chris (@Tinznasty) February 15, 2022You know, I think the “carbon neutral” water bottles might be a bit offset by the energy costs of FOUR FUCKING REFRIGERATORS— Surplus Cornbread (@SurplusCornbre1) February 16, 2022Would love to make this guy take a blind taste test for water— Havana Burger (@AJamesHidell) February 16, 2022It’s giving-— Chucho E.

Quintero (@Chucho_Q) February 16, 2022Has anyone tried giving him tap water in the voss bottle to see if he can taste the difference?

Like have we done the science here— silently housed replica (@bringurownbaby) February 16, 2022Everyone who gets water pumped into their kitchens.

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