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Between the comedy videos and thirst traps, the hilarious Brian Jordan Alvarez is the total package

Brian Jordan Alvarez on social media, you’re simply doing the internet wrong!For years now, the actor and comedian has been delivering the goods online—whether on YouTube, “The App Formerly Known As Twitter”, Instagram, or TikTok—filling our feeds with brilliant sketches, hilarious character videos, and, yes, plenty of thirst traps. Like, who gave him the right to be this funny and this hot???A post shared by Brian Jordan Alvarez (@brianjordanalvarez)Originally born in New York City, Alvarez grew up in Southern Tennessee before moving to Los Angeles to study acting at the USC School Of Dramatic Arts.After graduating, he began creating short comedic videos with his friends (including familiar faces like Michael Henry, Drew Droege, and Titanique icon Marla Mindelle) and uploading them to YouTube, many of which took a simple premise (like, “How To Find Out If Someone’s Gay” or “What Actually Happens When Gay Guys See Other Gay Guys And Straight People Aren’t Around“) and followed them to absurd ends.He also wrote, directed, and starred in the web series The Gay And Wondrous Life Of Caleb Gallo which he premiered on YouTube throughout 2016.

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