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‘How do I tell my parents I’m gay?’

It’s time once again for our weekly Sex Column, our regular series where experts advise struggling daters on navigating the sticky world of romance.Last week, we helped someone who cannot un-see their parents having kinky sex after he walked in on them when he was 17.This week, we have a woman who is worried about what her parents will think if she tells them she is gay. How should she tell them? Should she be worried about their reaction?‘I shouldn’t have to worry about being gay in 2022 but because of my parents’ views, I do. ‘To them, I’m pretty, successful and the perfect daughter. All that’s missing is a husband and, now I’m approaching my 30s, it feels like they are becoming ever more concerned.‘I was with the same guy from school until I was 23. Everyone assumed we’d marry but something never felt right for me. ‘I secretly watched lesbian porn and it really turned me on, though I couldn’t imagine doing anything like that myself.‘All that changed when a new girl started at work. She never made any secret of her sexuality or that she fancied me. ‘We started going for drinks after work and there was so much chemistry between us, it wasn’t long before we ended up back at her flat. The sex was electric and everything fell into place.‘I ended things with my boyfriend, which caused huge distress for everyone. I would like to be open about my sexuality and settle down but that hasn’t worked so far. ‘I often get lonely and lately I’ve become quite promiscuous, meeting women on websites and having sex with strangers I meet in bars. I feel like I’ve ruined everything and set my life on a downward spiral.‘Don’t feel burdened by the obligation to be the perfect daughter – our experts all think you might be surprised by your

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