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Paul Mescal who? Chris Pine is our new short shorts king & vows never to give up his 5″ inseam

reigning short shorts king.While it’s been the norm for gays to rock 5″ inseams or less for years, recently the heteros have taken to showing their allyship by flexing their thicc thigh pride. Mescal has been leading the leggy charge with other quadricep-baring aficionados like Milo Ventimiglia, Jake Gyllenhaal, The Rock, and Cristiano Ronaldo following close behind.It should be noted that most mainstream media outlets seem to deem any pair of shorts on a male-identifying celebrity that are above the knee as “short shorts.” So while gays may not consider certain lengths to be all that out of the ordinary, the straights are very animated by the thought of men unabashedly flashing their gams in fitted half-pants!Complicating matters, some gays feel short shorts have already become too popular among breeders that they’ve moved on to wearing giant shorts again.

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