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Kimberly Guilfoyle, Elvira, and this alleged Russian spy are all trending together because of course

Why are Kimberly Guilfoyle, Elvira, and some alleged Russian spy all trending together on Twitter? Read on (and bear with us!)…Guilfoyle has been trending since going on Newsmax and bitching about President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.Related: Why has Melania been radio silent about the Mar-a-Lago raid? She’s “annoyed”, sources say.“Enough of this nonsense!” Guilfoyle ranted on Rob Schmitt Tonight on Sunday evening. “Paying off loans for people that want some bizarre basket weaving degree and they want all of us, people watching all across this country, to subsidize their laziness.”Ironically, Guilfoyle, who graduated from the University of California, Davis, doesn’t have a job… aside from occasionally giving paid speeches (like the time she pocketed $60,000 for a three-minute diatribe at Donald Trump‘s pre-insurrection rally on January 6, 2021) and being Don Jr.’s fiance, which, to be fair, is probably a fair amount of work.Kimberly Guilfoyle on $10,000 student loan cancellation:"Enough of this nonsense.

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