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WATCH: Michael Urie, Frankie Grande, and more gays go gaga for a ghost in this new horror-comedy

slay, right?” then Summoning Sylvia is the movie for you!In this new horror-comedy from filmmaking duo Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse, a group of gays take their soon-to-be-married bestie, Larry, upstate for a bachelor party at an eerie old home where people actually died years ago. Sounds like every queer horror fan’s dream!Of course, these gays can’t resist holding a seance, but are in for a surprise when the ceremony awakens the spirit of Sylvia, a woman who, 100 years prior, is said to have “slaughtered her son and buried him beneath the house’s floorboards.”Is Sylvia spooky, malevolent, and out for blood? Yes.

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