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Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Transgender Jokes With Her Intern in Video

Marjorie Taylor Greene making a transgender joke on A broadcast of MTG: Live has begun circulating on social media.The video, shared by the Twitter page Patriot Takes, showed the moment Greene joked about gender reassignment surgery with her intern Milo Yiannopoulos.The pair began joking about transgenderism after making reference to a Life Site report regarding a new bill in support of transgender people in California.Marjorie Taylor Greene and her intern, Milo, joked about people with the last name Wiener. MTG said some transgender people “want to get rid of the wieners” and do the “weenie chop thing.”"California has advanced a bill to become a transgender sanctuary" Yiannopoulos said off-camera."It was introduced by Democrat Senator Scott Wiener.

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Tucker Carlson proves yet again to have the dumbest show on television
As a gay media site, we were shocked to discover that multinational, mainstream news network CNN has been gay this whole time, too.Then we realized the outing came via Tucker Carlson Tonight, where facts are about as valued as objectivity. So, not at all.During his Wednesday Fox News broadcast, Carlson welcomed Chadwick Moore for a discussion about Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.The bill, which was introduced by state Republicans last month, would make it illegal for teachers to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity in Florida primary schools.Moore, a gay man who “came out as a conservative” after writing a puff piece on Milo Yiannopoulos five years ago, characterized opponents of the bill as “wacky.”He added that “gay media like CNN” were wrong to oppose it.Carlson sat with his signature furrowed brow as Moore’s perplexing comment came and went, before chiming into call opposition to the bill nothing more than a “fundraising opportunity for the Human Rights Campaign.”Gay, conservative group the Log Cabin Republicans praised the interview, tweeting that Moore had “called out the Left’s lies about Florida’s parent rights bill.”WATCH: @Chadwick_Moore called out the Left's lies about Florida's parent rights bill tonight on Tucker Carlson!"They don't want you to read it.