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Pornhub Reports Explosion in Searches for Transgender Content

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Pornhub recently released its 2022 Year in Review, which allows users to know just who pleases themselves to what. This year, the porn platform got a lot more queer, with a notable increase in trans porn, which became the third most popular category in the U.S.

and the seventh in the world.Group sex searches also saw a 34 percent increase, while “scissoring” saw a 96 percent jump in search terms next to “pegging.” PornhubGay also reported a 202 percent increase in searches for scenes involving trans women, making it the 20th of the top 20 gay searches.

It didn’t rank at all last year.The increase in trans porn interest also comes alongside a number of anti-trans and general anti-LGBTQ+ bills lawmakers are trying to enforce.

Last year, an Alabama Republican lawmaker was caught liking trans porn on Twitter after voting to criminalize doctors who provide minors with transition-related health care.Additionally, a study showed that users in Republican states are the most responsible for the popularity of certain trans-related porn terms that include slurs.

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