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Pride groups grapple with police in parades

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As San Francisco Pride looks to enforce for the first time its ban on police marching in uniform when the in-person event returns in June, other cities are also grappling with the issue.San Francisco Pride in September 2020 announced that the members of the Pride Alliance of the San Francisco Police Department would not be allowed to march in uniform going forward, as the Bay Area Reporter noted at the time.

The 2021 Pride parade was canceled due to the COVID pandemic, meaning this year's event will be the first where the policy will be implemented.Police officers would be allowed to march out of uniform, according to SF Pride's policy.In Southern California, a meeting held at St.

Paul's Cathedral in San Diego March 23 underscores the challenges Pride organizations around the country are facing when it comes to whether or not they will allow uniformed police officers to participate in their annual parades.

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