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"Queer As Folk's" Representation Of Not Just Gay Men Makes It Must Watch Television

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Queer as Folk and its American remake premiered at the turn of the 21st century, they gave the world a revolutionary look at gay life.

Two decades later, their depiction of a mostly white, cis-gender group of gay men isn't very accurate to modern gay life anymore.While both shows stand strong in the queer television canon, they only represent a small margin of queer people, completely erasing trans and non-binary people and remaining very white throughout its the original runs.Luckily, this new update fills the cast with people from all across the LGBTQ+ spectrum and uses that to its advantage to tell worthwhile queer stories that are very rare.Queerness is ever expanding.

Not only in the ways we talk about it, but also in the ways we celebrate it. QAF shines its brightest when it celebrates its queerness in ways that are normally left on the cutting room floor.

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