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It's Third Times The Magnificent Charm For The Newest Edition Of "Queer As Folk"

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Queer as Folk, forget about them while you watch this show. While every iteration of QAF shares the DNA of queer sex, drama, and the struggles of everyday queer life, the Peacock edition goes further than everything before it, in many necessary ways.Whereas the first two iterations were glaringly about cis, white, hairless gay men, this update brings a whole host of characters from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum to tell a messy, but amazing story about the strength of queerness in all its forms.While the show takes a moment to get its footing, it ends up hitting a glorious stride when it lets its amazing queer actors let loose.The third edition of QAF starts off with Brodie Beaumont, played by Devin Way, who has just returned to New Orleans after dropping out of med school.

After quickly establishing that he is not on good terms with his mother, he goes to see his high school best friend Ruthie, a trans woman who is about to become a mother to twins.Despite Ruthie's partner, Shar, not wanting her to be with Brodie, he convinces Ruthie to come out to Babylon to celebrate.

However, their night of reunion is ruined when a masked man with a gun walks into the bar and fires, killing and injuring dozens.

The rest of the show is marked by this act of severe violence, clearly resembling the Pulse Massacre that left dozens of queer people dead, and in the process becomes its own worst enemy, trying to talk about the dangerous exploitation of queer suffering, while exploiting queer suffering to do so.The massacre that becomes a focal point of this series is complicated, as the show quickly establishes that it has a strong moral stance on profiting off queer tragedy, yet frequently uses it to propel its plot and characters forward in a.

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