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Here Are 27 Sex Toys That LGBTQ+ Reviewers Absolutely Love

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a lot of new sex toy companies and small businesses that are inherently queer- and trans-friendly, such as New York Toy Collective, Cute Little Fuckers, Wet for Her, Honey Play Box, and even on Etsy like Fantasticocks, Form Function LLC, MaMa Leather, and Twisted Mountain Toys!

Because a lot of toys literally can be enjoyed by all bodies with a little imagination!Just a heads-up: Some of these toys use binarist and cis-gendered language in their product descriptions that some folks may not identify with (which, boo!

but hopefully one day that changes). For more info and insight on all types of dysphoria (including body dysphoria), check out Eli Erlick's video "You Don't Need Dysphoria to Be Trans." For more sex toys and products from queer-owned shops, check out this 2021 Pride Month sex toy post and this roundup of queer-owned sex shops!We hope that this is only one of many LGBTQ+ specific sex toy posts to come in the future, and that this helps prompt the creation of more products designed specifically for trans people and their pleasure in the future.

If there are any trans-affirming or gender-affirming sex toys that you think we've missed, let us know in the comments!Promising reviews: "I've always been a major bottom, but this makes topping a million times funner for me.

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