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Queer person murdered in hate crime for using toilet

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Emanuel Mouers was stabbed to death in a suspected hate crime A queer Cape Town resident has been murdered in a suspected hate crime over an altercation about which bathroom they should use. The Daily Voice reported that on 4 June, 24-year-old Emanuel Mouers was harassed by a man who objected to them using the men’s bathroom at a Wallacedene tavern, on the eastern outskirts of Cape Town.

Police and newspaper reports have described Mouers as a gay man. It appears that they may have presented themselves in a feminine way at the time of the incident.

It’s alleged that the man told Mouers that because they had “decided to be a woman”, they should instead use the women’s toilets.

He then punched Mouers. Mouers reportedly fought back against the assailant who then ran off. He returned a short while later with a knife and stabbed them in the chest.

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