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ShortList 2020: ‘How to Make a Rainbow’ Director Shows a Trans Mom Finding ‘Support System’ in Her Daughter (Video)

Also Read: All Studios Rated 'Insufficient' or Worse in On-Screen LGBTQ Inclusion, GLAAD Study FindsMartinez started her transition when Alaizah was just 1 year old, and “How to Make a Rainbow” tracks Martinez raising Alaizah from ages 4 to 6 (she’s now 8), all coinciding with Martinez working to get gender transition surgery.

As Alaizah is soaking up lessons, she’s also adjusting to calling Martinez “Mapa” or learning from her mom about gender norms that wearing a dress doesn’t make you a girl.“There’s a really special and genuine quality that children have when it comes to self-expression that a lot of adults struggle with because of things they learned and have had put on them,” Maxey said.“How to Make a Rainbow” also reveals that.

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