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State Senator Calls Trans Activist's Rape Statement 'Pathetic'

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West Virginia senator called a trans activist's statement about childhood rape—read out during a debate on an abortion bill—"pathetic" in an email.Ash Orr, 32, said they emailed Mike Azinger on July 31 to share their dismay at comments he made on the West Virginia Senate floor after Democratic Sen.

Mike Caputo read Orr's statement recalling how they had feared becoming pregnant after being raped twice by the age of 10.Hours later, Orr receive a response, reviewed by Newsweek, where Azinger denied knowing about the statement Caputo read out on Orr's behalf, but described it as "pathetic.""The arrogance of some people: why do you assume I know about your pathetic statement Capito [sic] read on the floor?" Azinger wrote in the email, which was marked as being sent from the senator's iPhone.Azinger has been contacted for comment, and Newsweek is still looking into the veracity of the statement."You were born a female and always—always—will be a female," he added. "And you are the one who does not care about the victims of rape: if they get pregnant, you want them to kill their baby, which they'll live with for the rest of their life.

I am very sorry for the unspeakable tragedy that took place in your childhood. But God heals; and God is compassionate."Orr's email to Azinger accused him of siding "with assaulters and rapists, all under the guise of being 'pro-life.'"Orr added: "Given your statements on the floor, it is evident that you neither care for children or adults who are the victims or rape… I pity those with a uterus who have the misfortune of being in your circle.

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