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WATCH: A wild queer classic returns to cinemas, even more sexy and shocking than you remember

Mysterious Skin, Kaboom), it’s a bit surprising that 1995’s The Doom Generation is dubbed “A Heterosexual Movie.”But don’t let that subtitle fool you—the pitch-black crime comedy is as transgressive and queer as anything the iconoclastic director has made over the course of his 35-year career.The film follows Amy Blue (Charmed‘s Rose McGowan) and Jordan White (Donnie Darko‘s James Duval), two wayward teenagers in love, who pick up a mysterious drifter named Xavier “X” Red (That Thing You Do!‘s Johnathon Schaech) one night while driving home from the club. By the way, notice anything about their last names?“When it screened at Sundance, I remember people were just so outraged.”Things quickly take a turn for the dangerous, however, when X accidentally kills a convenience store clerk, and the trio begin a life on the lam, hopping from one destination to the next on a surreal journey where they continually encounter figures from Amy’s past and everything they buy winds up costing $6.66.

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