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Trans Teen Blasted for Demanding Mom Remove Tattoo With 'Dead Name' in It

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transgender teen who is demanding his mom remove a tattoo featuring his "dead name" has been met with strong opposition online.According to data published by Statista in 2021, an estimated 12 percent of Americans who got a tattoo said they regretted having it done.

However, in the case of one mom who is the subject of a post shared to Reddit by her 17-year-old transgender son, it's a slightly different story.According to the post, which was uploaded by someone claiming to be the teenager writing under the handle throwaway-whoopwhoop, they only recently came out as trans to their family.But while they admitted their mom has been "supportive" on the whole, the pair have been at loggerheads over one of her tattoos."My mom got a tattoo with my sister's name and my dead name after I was born," her son explained. "It's a huge tattoo with a unique design that incorporates her and my dead name.

It covers most of her arm, and she is really proud of it because my older sister designed it and gifted it to her for her birthday."Deadnaming is when someone refers to someone else using a name first person no longer wish to be referred to by.

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