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Former gay adult film star Antonio Moreno elected mayor of small town & he’s ready to serve

announcing his run for mayor of the small Spanish town of Carcelén, the out gay 38-year-old, who went by the moniker Héctor de Silva in movies such as Hung Country, 2 Wet, 2 Wet Editor’s Cut, and Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody, won the election by topping his opponent by just 12 votes, according to the Spanish website El Espanol.The Popular Party ticket led by former gay porn star Antonio Moreno aka #HectordeSilva won the election in small Spanish town Carcelen by 12 votes and he's the new Mayor. "What we want is for political rivalry to be forgotten and work for the good of the people." #gaynews #gay that’s he’s been elected, Moreno’s legislative priorities include local infrastructure, water quality and taxes.Moreno gave up making adult films over six years ago and moved to Carcelén, which is located about 3 hours southeast of Madrid, with his partner.

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