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Lesbian couple found tortured, shot and dismembered in Mexico

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El Diario.The women, who leave behind three children, were married last July and were living in Ciudad Juárez, just over the border from El Paso, Texas, where Ramírez — also identified by the Chihuahua Attorney General’s Office as Tania Montes Hernández — claimed to live on her Facebook page.

The couple frequently traveled between the two cities, and were last seen Saturday after visiting relatives on the Mexican side of the border.On January 6, just 10 days before their deaths, Martínez had published a text, imposed over the image of an eerie-looking clown smoking a cigarette, to Ramírez’s Facebook wall, reading: “It seems unbelievable, but every time we are happy, something happens that ruins everything.”The couple’s murder comes amid a new wave of violence in which more than a dozen women and more than 50 men have been killed in Ciudad Juárez so far this year.

In fact, just two days after the discovery of Ramírez and Martínez’s remains, two other women were found in plastic bags that were discarded by the roadside in the southeastern part of the city, according to La Verdad.

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