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The Baby star Seyan Sarvan compares ‘horrifying’ parallels between haunting new horror and Roe v Wade ruling

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Warning: spoilers ahead for The Baby on Sky and NOW.Seyan Sarvan, who starred in It’s A Sin, has shared how ‘horrifying’ she finds the parallels between the recent Roe v Wade ruling in the US and her new Sky Atlantic TV series, The Baby.The horror comedy, which consists of eight episodes, follows the journey of a woman called Natasha (Michelle de Swarte) in present day, who – after sharing her disdain for her friends who are having babies – has one fall straight into her arms, right next to a woman who has plunged to her death from the top of a cliff.As the season progresses, Natasha discovers that the supernatural baby somehow causes death wherever they go, after being born in the 1970s to a woman called Helen (Sex Education’s Tanya Reynolds), who was forced to go through with her pregnancy by her husband after being ripped away from her lover, Nour (Seyan) recently spoke to Seyan, who played lawyer Lizbeth Farooqi in acclaimed Channel 4 series It’s A Sin, to speak about her role in The Baby and the real-life influences behind her character.The premiere of The Baby in the UK came days after the US Supreme Court ended the constitutional right for an abortion in June this year, overturning the landmark Roe v Wade decision, which was originally established in 1973.While the limited series is a fictional tale, it draws from real historical events, shining a spotlight on the female liberation movement of the 1970s and women’s rights to their bodies.The show felt especially raw to watch after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade, with Seyan admitting that she hasn’t been able to watch it in full because she ‘found it so hard to even see those scenes’.When asked about her views on the parallels.

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