An appreciation of Robert Conrad’s legendary butt

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A post shared by Mike Imamura (@mikeimamura68)“The character I played was a dandy,” Conrad told interviewers for a TV oral history project of his “Wild Wild West” character. “His clothes were too tight, for one.

He rode this champion horse, this class horse. And he spent most of the series engaged in physical confrontations with bad guys.”The more I learned about Conrad, the more I understood: this man’s butt was a religion.I mean, GOOD GOD.WHAT is happening??To make matters even sexier, the man was for whatever reason always tied up.

It didn’t matter if it was “Wild Wild West,” “Hawaiian Eye,” or “Columbo.” The man’s sex appeal simply could not, and would not, quit.Clearly, I am far from the only person to have fallen under the spell of Robert Conrad’s incredible butt.

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