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Watch: Popular ‘Radical Conservative’ Ben Shapiro Calls on Supreme Court to Overturn Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

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Now that it seems clear the Supreme Court will take away the constitutional right to abortion, conservatives are urging the Court to attack LGBTQ rights. Ben Shapiro, the “radical conservative” founder of the right-wing website The Daily Wire is calling on the Supreme Court to overturn Obergefell, the landmark ruling that finds same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. “First of all, Obergefell is a bad Supreme Court decision.

And if we had a Supreme Court worth its salt, they would overturn Obergefell but they’re not going to,” he claims. Many legal experts say otherwise. “Alito says, I think three separate times in that decision that I read in nearly its totality on the air yesterday, that this has no impact on other cases of different lines, which is a clear reference to Obergefell,” Shapiro adds.

Alito also suggests in that leaked opinion that the cases that are the basis for modern-day LGBTQ civil rights were wrongly decided, including Lawrence v.

Texas. But as Politico (and many others have) reported, “Alito’s approach can be used to unwind” the decisions supporting LGBTQ civil rights, including same-sex sex and marriage.

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