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Woman calls local LGBTQ center to stop her gay neighbor from bothering her

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A woman recently called into her local LGBTQ community center like it was “gay animal control” asking if they could do something to get her gay neighbor to stop bothering her.Jackson Whitt, a man who works in the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City, shared a TikTok video in which he played the woman’s voicemail.“We get like a lot of crazy calls,” Whitt says. “But this is my favorite voicemail we’ve gotten so far.”In her message, the woman states her name and then says, “I’m having problems with a gay person that I’ve known for a while, and he is bothering me and I would like to report him to you… And I know that you can help me so that he will not bother me any longer.”After playing her voicemail, Whitt remarked, “She called us like we were gay animal control to come remove the bothersome homosexual from her neighborhood!”In her defence, I’m usually havung problems with gay person too ???? #lgbt #lgbtq #queer #queercomedy #gaytiktok #gayboy #gaybear ?

original sound – Jackson Carter In a follow-up video, Whitt said that the woman called the Pride Center again before he could call her back, and she said that the gay man in question had lived across the street from her for years.“He’s evil.

He’s wicked. He’s Satanic,” Whitt says, recounting the woman’s complaint. “And he has been harassing her, but she can’t prove it.”The woman apparently said that the gay man had “energy machines in his house that shoot electrical pulses” through his window into her window to harm her.

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