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20 tweets about the best part of being gay

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Society is inching its way out of its heteronormative stupor and starting to acknowledge all sexualities on the Kinsey scale as valid.

So let’s set a new goal: getting people to realize that being gay isn’t just OK but f*cking fantastic.Imagine a young person coming out as gay to their family, and their family members responding not with “I still love you” or “Thank you for telling me” but “OMG, amazing!” or even “I’m so jealous!”Imagine a world in which sexuality really were a choice, and people chose to be gay every single time.

Some of us are already at that level: Think of Anderson Cooper saying that being gay is “one of the great blessings” of his life, or Justin Simien saying that being queer is “like a superpower,” or Tim Cook saying that being gay is “not a limitation” but “a feature.”Related: Reddit users list the “main advantages” of being gayAlso, being gay comes with all sorts of hidden perks.

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