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24 Anti-Portia Tweets For Any "White Lotus" Fans Who Are Done With Her Polly Pocket-Lookin' Self After That Finale

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OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!I’ve slept on it and you know what I’m still pissed at Portia!Feel free to follow these Twitter users because, yeah, they're funny and deserve it!You know she's tweeting "men will literally get a neck tattoo that says Cowabunga and fuck their uncles before going to therapy" the second she's on in-flight Wi-Fiportia while she thinks her boss is going to get murdered #TheWhiteLotusPortia watched all that Lizzie McGuire and didn’t learn to not trust men in Italy??which feud was more violent: cam v.

ethan or portia v. the aesthetics of beauty ?The White Lotus finale counts as a happy ending bc Portia left all her clothes behindportia once she’s back in los angelesportia’s phone in white lotus:really thought portia would save the day!

useless. #TheWhiteLotusLucia is the type a bitch I think I am. I am not a Lucia. I am a Portia.Portia after being dropped off by her kidnapper in the middle of nowhere and realizing her boss was probably murdered on a yacht: #TheWhiteLotusPortia at the gate for her flight #TheWhiteLotus #thewhitelotusfinalethey would have eaten her alivePortia to Albie: “Can I have your number?” Me: #WhiteLotusPortia crawling back to albie at the airport after ghosting him at the white lotusportia and albie are so dumb and yet they’re absolutely perfect for each other #TheWhiteLotusPortia asking for Albie’s number immediately after realizing Tanya diedAlbie and Portia at the airport #TheWhiteLotusPortia getting off flight 7189 to JFK after drafting her four-part tik tok series about how she was almost kidnapped in Sicily #TheWhiteLotusportia and albie leaving sicily together #thewhitelotusPortia boarding her plane home with no luggage after doing absolutely nothing to stop her boss from being

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