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His mom asked about “ordering subs” on Grindr and things got very awkward very fast

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Sometimes, moms with gay adult sons get hungry, and all they can think about is getting their hands on a sandwich.This week, Twitter user @SpiceBoyJoey wrote, “mom asked if Grindr is for ‘ordering subs’ and i just walked out of the room.”mom asked if Grindr is for “ordering subs” and i just walked out of the room— lisa barlow’s diet coke (@SpiceBoyJoey) February 14, 2022For those of you who might not know, “grinder” is another word for a submarine sandwich used in parts of New England, not to be confused with “Grindr”, the gay hookup app.Per Wikipedia:A common term in New England is grinder, but its origin has several possibilities.

One theory has the name coming from Italian-American slang for a dock worker, among whom the sandwich was popular.Others say that it was called a grinder because the bread’s hard crust required much chewing.In Pennsylvania, New York, and parts of New England, the term grinder usually refers to a hot submarine sandwich (meatball, sausage, etc.), whereas a cold sandwich (e.g., cold cuts) is usually called a “sub”.

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