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‘An accepting place’

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Cody Hoya North Haven Gardens is home for general manager Cody Hoya RICH LOPEZ | Staff Nine years ago, Cody Hoya landed what could be his dream job.

The horticulturist wasn’t intending to pursue a retail career, but North Haven Gardens was a different story for him. The local favorite for area gardening enthusiasts, plant parents and the like was less of a nursery to Hoya and more of an institution with a welcoming, friendly culture.

But his appreciation of North Haven’s history and environment started well before the 43-year-old began his tenure as general manager; he first joined the team as a salesperson when he was 25. “I didn’t think I wanted that, but they were hiring, and I found that it was an operation dedicated to the science of horticulture and represents how to succeed in this area,” Hoya said. “That they were education and information driven really appealed to me.” Originally from the Houston area, Hoya always knew he wanted to work with plants.

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