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Australia: Man jailed for 1988 murder of Scott Johnson who fell from Sydney cliff known to be gay meeting place

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Los Angeles-born Mr Johnson, 27, at a bar in suburban Manly in December 1988 and went with him to a nearby cliff top at North Head.

Inquiry into gender treatment for children to be launched by Health Secretary Sajid Javid Exclusive interview with trans MP Jamie Wallis Disney heir comes out as transgender and apologises for not doing more against 'Don't Say Gay' bill White's former wife Helen White told police in 2019 that her then-husband had bragged about beating gay men and had said the only good gay man was a dead gay man.She told the court on Monday that her husband had told her Johnson had run off the cliff.White told police that he was himself gay and was frightened that his homophobic brother would find out.Justice Wilson said it was not possible to draw any conclusions beyond a reasonable doubt about what had happened at the clifftop.White must serve at least eight years and three months in prison before he can be considered for parole."The offender hit Dr Johnson, causing him to stumble backwards and leave the cliff edge," the judge said."In those seconds when he must have realised what was happening to him, Dr Johnson must have been terrified," Wilson added.Conviction saw 'dignity' for victimMr Johnson's brother, Steve Johnson, thanked prosecutors and the judicial system for ensuring White was sent to prison.He said: "We didn't get compensation for Scott this week but what Scott got was dignity."White had a record of violent crime before and after the murder but had not committed an offence since 2008.White's lawyers have appealed against his conviction and hope he will be acquitted of the murder charge in a jury trial.A coroner had ruled in 1989 that Johnson had taken his own life, while a second coroner in.

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