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Andrew Yang’s latest desperate move has everyone calling BS

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Unable to build a substantial base in either major party, Andrew Yang has decided to team with ex-Republicans for his latest misadventure.Yang’s ex-Democratic passion project has merged with the Serve America Movement and the Renew America Movement to form a new and imp- well, new, iteration of the Forward Party, a centrist political party currently devoid of policies.Among the folks Yang is partnering in this effort are former Trump official Miles Taylor, former Republican congressman David Jolly, and former Republican governor Christine Todd Whitman.The odds of this party quickly drifting center-right seem high, but we’ll have to hear them come up with some ideas first to know for sure.Related: Andrew Yang is OK with Dave Chappelle’s transphobia because it’s just a different “point of view”The reaction to this announcement has been pretty decisively negative on social media, with political pundits and citizens alike chiming in:Andrew Yang is like some dude who gets turned away from a club at the front door, so he sneaks around to the Artist entrance, gets kicked-out again and is now trying to sneak-in thru the kitchen.

Dude, go home. @AndrewYang— NoelCaslerComedy (@caslernoel) July 28, 2022I asked this of Yang a while back: “Serious question @AndrewYang what changed about Democratic party since you ran less than two years ago as a Democrat for President and last year as a Democrat for mayor?

I mean other than fact voters rejected you.”— Matthew Dowd (@matthewjdowd) July 28, 2022Andrew Yang joins with a bunch of Republicans to do his level best to siphon votes away from the Democrats in coming elections.

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