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Tommy Lee’s chaotic explanation for going full-frontal on Instagram is very on brand

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Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one.After rocker Tommy Lee said “to hell with the rules” and shared a full-frontal selfie with his 1.5 million Instagram followers earlier this month, many wondered… why?Was it, as his caption claimed, all a big “Ooooopppsss”?

Nobody was buying that.Or could it have been some crude-but-shrewd marketing to get more people aware of his new music? Lee’s Instagram bio includes a link to his “new album, ANDRO,” after all.Related: Tommy Lee goes full-frontal on Instagram and the Internet has thoughtsWell, it turns out the album was actually released in 2020, so there goes that theory.

Also, it might be time to update that bio.Lee provided the messy context this week to a crowd of fans in San Antonio, Texas, attributing his overshare to being on a “mother f*cking bender.”“A couple of weeks ago, we had like a two-week break off the tour, and I went on a mother f*cking bender, bro,” Lee, 59, said. “I got f*cking sideways as f*ck and got naked and posted pictures of my d*ck.”After informing the audience that “usually” prefers to see women’s breasts (he used slightly different wording that we don’t care to repeat), he added “tonight is equal-opportunity night.

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