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If You've Ever Been On Grindr For Even Like A Second, Congrats, You've Probably Experienced These Infuriating Things

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Honey, I am not going to follow you just cos you came up on my walk through Soho.1) I'm 29, I'm not on Snapchat. 2) Just send the pics on Grindr – it even has a disappearing photo option now!I hate to break it to you, but I hoped you were the other guy and now I'm disappointed.If NASA can take a high-res picture of galaxies then you can take a selfie.Some days "hey" is my least favourite word.Are you though?

ARE YOU?If you're on a picnic with your dad, why are you on Grindr anyway?After seven messages my way with no responses, why are still going?

Read between the lines and stop ~asking~ for the block.You were all about coming over to mine and now you're leaving me on read?We're already DM'ing, aren't we?I appreciate the hustle, but come on.I know this happens, but telling people en masse is just...

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