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As a gay man, I thought sport wasn’t for me – now I’m a PT for the LGBT+ community

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LGBTQ+ people – thanks Margaret Thatcher – the only other option was football (no thanks) so I grew up as an outsider looking in, believing fitness and sport was what ‘other people’ did.Fast forward to my mid-20s, and a friend suggested an outdoor bootcamp.

This was an important moment in my fitness journey, as the human connection and non-competitive elements really chimed with me.Starting to feel inspired, I also joined a gym, believing it was the missing piece in the puzzle.

Which it was – just not at first.I walked in, feeling completely out of my depth and like everyone was staring at me. As I saw people moving confidently between the various fitness equipment, which no-one had told me how to use, I started getting flashbacks.Awkwardly getting changed for PE, being picked last for the team, coming up with excuses so I could get out of rugby.

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