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Attacking queer culture

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The right’s attack on drag is an attack on the whole LGBTQ community The Republican Party — and the Texas Legislature in particular — are waging an all-out attack on what is arguably one of the pillars of queer culture: Drag queens.

Many anti-transgender bills have been introduced, most with the intent to stir up support from the right-wing GOP’s aptly named “base.” Now, in their haste to curry favor and stir fear among right-wing voters, the legislature is proposing bills to limit not only where drag performances can be staged, but also who can attend them.

Apparently, traction against trans Texans is not sufficient, since most on the right have no clear idea of what “transgender” really means.

So now they are going after people who clearly defy what they consider normal. They are clueless as to the transgressive and burlesque nature of drag performances and equate all men dressing as women with “transgender.” It would take far too long to educate these fearmongers on the clear distinction between gender identity and drag, and, frankly, they wouldn’t listen anyway.

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