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Billy Eichner On His LGBTQ Rom-Com ‘Bros’: ‘I Feel A Responsibility For It To Do Well’

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A lot is riding on Billy Eichner. The comedian and TV star is getting ready for the TIFF world premiere of his new movie “Bros”.

He’s on the new cover of Variety, and inside he talks all about the LGBTQ rom-com and more. READ MORE: Billy Eichner Stars In Rom-Com ‘Bros’ With Cast Chock Full Of LGBTQ+ Actors “I feel a responsibility for it to do well,” he says of the movie. “I’ve worked so hard on it, I care so much about it, and I want it to do well for the sake of the LGBTQ stories getting greenlit.

So there’s a burden I feel, much as I want to sit here and just talk about how funny the movie is.” That burden and sense of importance was something Eichner felt even while shooting the movie. “I told myself to look around and appreciate how rare and magical this moment is because you are making a movie that looks and feels like all the romantic comedies you grew up loving, but you’re doing it as a gay man,” he recalls. “And this is not an indie movie.

This is not some streaming thing which feels disposable, or which is like one of a million Netflix shows. I needed to appreciate that ‘This is a historic moment, and somehow, you’re at the centre of it.

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