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Bros star Luke Macfarlane was told by an agent that Superman “can’t be gay”

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Luke Macfarlane has revealed that he has missed out on roles because of his sexuality. The actor came out as gay in 2008 in an interview with The Globe and Mail, the same year that his beloved character Scotty Wandell tied the knot with Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) on Brothers & Sisters.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Macfarlane revealed that he was unable to secure roles after the ABC drama ended in 2011. “I can literally remember an agent once saying to me, ‘Superman can’t be gay’—like just straight out,” said the star, who initially wanted to act in blockbusters such as G.I.

Joe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “I do remember being frustrated, seeing other actors and straight guys my age—and I never want to make it about that, but—thinking, Why are they getting [the parts]?

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