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Cara Delevingne battles to be open about her sexuality

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Cara Delevingne battles to be open about her sexuality and has experienced homophobia. The supermodel, 30, who identifies as queer and gender fluid, said she was on a “very personal journey” into her sexuality during her new six-part BBC series, ‘Planet Sex’, in which she also said she has been prevented from living a “queer” life due to fighting her shame.

Talking about her sexuality in episode two, titled ‘Out and Proud?’, Cara says: “I’m on a very personal journey into my own sexuality.

You may or may not know I have had relationships with both men and women. “But I still struggle with being open – really open – about just how much I love women. “I grew up with a lot of shame is thinking, this isn’t normal, this isn’t human. “Sexuality is a spectrum and mine wavers, but I’m probably, definitely more on the side of women.

I like having sex with men, I just don’t date them. I might though, you never know. ” Cara went on to explain that she doesn’t like “labels” for her sexuality and said she doesn’t think she has been able to live a “queer” life due to fighting her “internalised shame”.

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