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Dad Who Won't Move Trans Teen's Gender Reveal Party for Baby Shower Praised

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Reddit forum, earning 5,700 upvotes and 1,100 comments for his post, "AITA for throwing a gender reveal party for my son instead in the same week as my sister's baby shower?"He says that his son, 19, came out as transgender three years ago, and just completed his transition.

He told his father that since coming out, he'd wanted to have a gender reveal party. Now that he's "officially a man," they're throwing the party, inviting the whole family—even though they know some members won't show up, because they don't approve of his transition.However, the OP's sister is pregnant with her fifth child and is planning to have a baby shower and gender reveal of her own.

Though u/Dadofaforeverboy knew that his sister's baby was due at the end of the month, she hadn't named a date when his son's party had been scheduled.Even though OP and his son sent out invitations two months ago—and OP's sister even said she'd try to make it, she recently called OP, livid.

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