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Trans inmate who got two women pregnant is moved to men’s prison

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in her online blog.The 27-year-old was placed on suicide watch by prison staff after she tried to hang herself on the van journey to the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, she added.Minor’s most recent post, entitled ‘Being Forced to Live in a Male Prison’, pleaded with prison bosses to send her back to a female prison.She wrote: ‘As a woman who is transgender I truly fear what lies ahead for me, its clear that staff have looked for some kind of security reason to kick me out of the only female correctional facility, they have thrown me to the wolves and expected for me just gave up.‘I am baffled and disgusted by this use power and I can only ask that the commissioner and governors office please send me back. ‘I don’t deserve to be treated like this.’Minor has also explained how there are no LGBTQ+ support groups at the men’s prison she’s been sent to.She added said she has been removed from Edna Mahan ‘as a punishment for what occurred over two months ago.’Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at more stories like this, check our news page.Not convinced?

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