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Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg is an American politician and Afghanistan War veteran. He served as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, from 2012 to 2020 and was a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 United States presidential election. Buttigieg is a graduate of Harvard College and Oxford University, attending the latter on a Rhodes Scholarship. He was a consultant at the management consulting firm McKinsey from 2007 to 2010. From 2009 to 2017, he was an intelligence officer in the United States Navy Reserve, attaining the rank of lieutenant. He was mobilized and deployed to Afghanistan for seven months in 2014.
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Did Anti-LGBTQ+ Minister Jesse Lee Peterson Have Same-Sex Liaisons?

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Church Militant, a far-right Catholic group and website, and a subsequent investigation by The Daily Beast. “Two of [Peterson’s] former male associates came out in June with on-the-record interviews saying they engaged in sexual activities with him, while other men say he propositioned them,” the Beast reports. “These allegations about the pastor — who in public is staunchly heterosexual — have ripped like an earthquake through the manosphere, prompting some of Peterson’s allies to abandon him and prompting one manosphere conference to ban him.”The “manosphere” is a “hyper-masculine right-wing internet community,” the Beast explains, and Peterson is one of its biggest stars.

He is known for promoting a vision of gender norms that differ even from that of others on the far right; for instance, he asserts that a woman who reaches orgasm during sex is “becoming a man.” He has an online radio show and operates a group called Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, or BOND, and he is said to live with male members of the group at a residence called the “BOND house” in Los Angeles.On LGBTQ+ issues, he has said that those who participate in Pride parades are “children of Satan” and that “radical homosexuals are evil,” the Beast notes.Some of his other anti-LGBTQ+ statements, as compiled by GLAAD: saying that Pete Buttigieg, now secretary of Transportation, “flaunts his so-called husband with no shame, kissing him in public, and people applaud like [their marriage is] real”; that Rosie O’Donnell gets “demon instructions” from hell; that “lesbians are really violent in their relationships”; and that “radical homosexuals” have destroyed Black families.Patrick Rooney is one of the men who said he had a sexual relationship with.

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